Indo-MIM, based on two campuses near Bangalore, has won approvals from Pratt & Whitney America’s Materials Control Laboratory (MCL) to perform non-destructive testing and chromic acid anodizing. The approvals have come after extensive auditing of Indo-MIM by Pratt & Whitney America, and are the first such approvals granted within India.

Founded in 1997, Indo-MIM is the world leader in metal injection molding. Major customers such as Honeywell, TRW and Bosch rely on Indo-MIM’s flexibility, scale and quality to meet growing customer demand in automotive, industrial and commercial applications.

The aerospace products group division was started in 2010 to provide an end to end solution of machining and special process for India’s growing aerospace sector. Working with materials like aluminum, inconel, titanium, Monel, and hardened steel, Indo-MIM machining has the capability to meet complex customer requirements with state of the art engineering and technology. In the special process facility, a vast array of capabilities is available in one shop; NDT, anodizing, passivation, plating, painting, grit blasting and more. Together, the range of products available on one campus, and using one quality system is unmatched in India.