How Metal Injection Molding works

Metal injection molding feedstock

The MIM process combines the design flexibility of plastic injection molding with the strength and integrity of wrought metals to offer cost effective solutions for highly complex part geometries. The MIM process is typically explained as four unique processing steps (Compounding, Molding, Debinding and Sintering) to produce a final part that may or may not need final finishing operations.

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Metal Injection Molding advantages

MIM Micro

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is an established and proven manufacturing technique for producing small, complex, tight-tolerance and high-performance metal parts. MIM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal forming techniques such as machining, investment casting, and powder metallurgy. MIM excels at applications that require shape complexity and material properties (high strength, magnetic permeability and corrosion resistance) that cannot be fulfilled by plastic and light metal alloys

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MIM Design Guidelines


Today, MIM is serving critical performance applications in a wide range of industries and products including, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, dental implants and instruments, electronic and fiber optic connectors, hermetic packages, surgical instruments and implants, power and hand tools, hardware and sporting gear.

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Why Indo-MIM?

Hundreds of companies across the globe have chosen Indo-MIM as their partner for MIM. We have earned a reputation for consistently delivering high quality products for unmatched value. This has been achieved through our untiring commitment to quality, innovation, continuous improvement and service.

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Indo-MIM has a wide reach across the globe. Our representatives are ever ready to answer your queries. You can call us directly or leave your contact details below and our representatives will get in touch with you at the earliest.

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