Investment Casting / Lost Wax Casting

INDO-MIM manufactures & supplies high quality precision investment castings in a wide range of materials such as Steel, Nickel and Cobalt base for industrial and aerospace applications. We are consolidating on a leadership position with commercial casting and working towards to become a major player in vacuum castings in Titanium and Super alloys.

INDO-MIM has established state of art world-class green field Investment Casting facility with an investment of 10 million USD. Started in the year 2010, has grown currently to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of finish machined precision Investment parts globaly.

How Investment Casting works

Manufacturer & supplier of high quality precision investment casting / lost wax casting, cast iron casting, steel casting, diecast in a wide range of materials-Steel, Nickel and Cobalt base, Titanium and Super alloys

Investment Casting facilities

  • 100000 sq ft in 5 acres industrial land
  • In house Design and Mold Manufacturing with Magma flow analysis
  • Automated Robotic Shell Handling
  • Efficient Melting and Fettling Facility
  • Experienced Product development and Engineering
  • State of art modern manufacturing set up – Wax patterns to Finish parts
  • Precision machining and final heat treatments
  • Best in class Dimensional and Metallurgical quality assurance.
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100 Rev D, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015

Ic plant

Investment Casting Plant-Tirupati, India

Mold Design & Engineering

  • Development of new products
  • Highly Skilled & Experienced Engineers
  • Pro-E native environment and Flow analysis for all castings
  • Mold, Fixtures and Gauges Development
  • Wax Pattern mold design and manufacture
  • Machining fixtures & Inspection gauge development.
  • Trained Black belts – 6 sigma approach in problem solving
  • Metallurgical support in ensuring fit and function

Wax Room

  • Wax Patterns made with 12T to 35T presses from sourced from USA
  • Wax Runners are injection molded
  • Uses High Quality Waxes sourced Globally
  • Temperature and Humidity Control Environment
  • Capacity to Manufacture 300 Wax trees per day

Shell Room

  • Temperature & Humidity controlled shell room
  • Robotic shell making –Equipment from UK & Canada
  • Liquids & Ceramics –High end solutions from reputed manufactures Located in USA
  • High quality and consistent molds
  • Capacity of 300 shell molds per day

Core Competencies

  • Manufactures Highly Complex Shaped parts in low volumes from less than 1K to high 500K
  • Parts between 10gms to 20 kg weights
  • Part size – up to 400 mm lengths and thickness from 1 mm to 75 mm
  • Best In class Design and Engineering support
  • Rapid Product Development – 3 weeks to 12 weeks
  • International Quality Standards for Casting Soundness and Metallurgy
  • Wide variety of air-melt alloys, including carbon and low alloy steels, 300 & 400 series SS, precipitation hardening stainless steels, Nickel and Cobalt based alloys

IC Advantages and Applications

  • System driven Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Sales & Engineering support at customer’s door.
  • Product design, Engineering & Manufacturing under one roof.
  • Low cost supply chain to meet every Investment Casting need.
  • Management with access to healthy capital & willing to invest in right programs.
  • Experience of manufacturing parts for customers in USA, Europe and other South East Asian countries.

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We are a multi-disciplinary Investment Casting parts manufacturer committed to focussed and efficient IC parts discovery