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Karnataka State Safety Institute, Department of factories, boilers, Industrial safety and health, Karmika Bhavan , Bengaluru, conducts a STATE LEVEL BEST SAFETY WORKER competition every year for all the manufacturing industries in all sectors by dividing them into various categories like, mega scale, large scale, medium scale and small scale.

The crown of safety decorated M/s Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt Ltd, Hoskote, Bangalore on 4th March 2012 – 41st National safety day, by it winning the STATE LEVEL 1ST PRIZE FOR THE BEST SAFETY WORKER in the Medium Scale Industry category. The prize was distributed by Sri B N Bache Gowda, the honorable Minister for Labour & Sericulture, Government of Karnataka.

Mr.RAMPRASAD.K (third from left) of Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt Ltd, Bangalore receiving the State level 1st prize for the Best Safety Worker – Medium Scale Industry, from Sri B N Bache Gowda, Honorable Minister for Labour & Sericulture, Government of Karnataka on the occasion of 41st National Safety Day Celebration held on 4th March 2012.