24th-26th Oct. 2017, Shanghai, Indo-MIM participated renowned SAECCE 2017 for the second time, with its graceful booth, personnel dedication and MIM solution display to contemporary automotive development.

Distinctive to commercial purchase and engineering exhibitions, SAECCE represents the frontier of China automotive innovation and summarizes the painstaking endeavors for nationwide implementation. Comparing to SAECCE 2016, we observed radical changes in industrial scale of EV, PHEV and more advanced IC powered vehicles.

As yesteryear’s leading players in automotive are still excelling in respective fields, Indo-MIM, being the herald of world MIM industry, will relentlessly seek new applications and opportunities with customers and partners of all time.

Besides branding success through SAECCE, Indo-MIM has realized immediate RFQs on various areas e.g. VGT components, soft magnetic materials and conventional though challenging mechanical designs.