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GC Mark – Blue Planet Certification Audit : INDO-MIM has a defined Energy Policy and has effectively implemented systems for monitoring the energy consumption and methods to reduce it. 90% of the total energy requirement at Indo MIM is fulfilled through renewable sources like Solar Energy and Wing Energy. Only 10% of energy is procured from BESCOM. Energy management systems software has been installed to measure the energy consumption machine wise and product-wise. Most of the systems are designed in such a way that human involvement is minimal eg., Auto cut off (energy savings mode if the machine is idle) for all molding machines, Furnace mechanical pumps are controlled by VFD, Day light-harvesting systems and motion sensors installed across the plant. Power factor improvement from 0.88 to 0.96. The initiative is driven from top management itself. All the maintenance and production personnel have been trained in energy savings awareness and energy management. The Energy policy is communicated to all stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, and community and encourage them to adopt good energy-saving practices. Indo MIM was audited by DQS for Global Conformance GC Mark Blue Planet Certification and successfully obtained the certificate. The certificate confirms that the company has taken appropriate measures to reduce energy consumption, use renewable energy sources, implemented effective energy management systems that help to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Indo MIM was certified as “Energy Efficient Company” by DQS Global Conformance GC Mark Blue Planet Certification.

Energy Efficient Company Certificate Indo-MIM


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