At INDO-MIM, we understand the value of natural ecosystems and the risks environmental degradation can pose to our people and business. We have incorporated sustainability in our business practices right from the inception of the Company. Our efforts in sustainability in the past have bolstered our image as a responsible and progressive Company.

Our Commitment

INDO-MIM is committed to ensuring Sustainable Development by implementing 17 Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all its business operations and all stakeholders at large. INDO-MIM revised its sustainable green supply chain management and procurement policy in the reporting period to enhance sustainability performance and minimize environmental, social, and financial risks within INDO-MIM’s supply chain. The sustainability policy is communicated to all employees, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers for ensuring a sustainable future by minimizing environmental pollution

Sustainability Report

INDO-MIM Pvt. Ltd. focuses on utilization of Renewable Energy by practising various pollution control measures thereby reducing CO2e.

Initiatives taken for the reduction of CO2e :

FY18 to FY21 : Overall CO2e emission > 5,143 tons

FY 22 : Overall CO2e emission > 223 tons (4,920 tons reduced)


Sustainability Journey