Metal Injection Molding (MIM) Manufacturing Capabilities

The state-of-the-art manufacturing capability of INDO-MIM is a fusion of two units spread over 0.80 Million Sq ft – the world’s largest installed capacity for metal injection molding (MIM). Located in Bangalore, India, our modern facilities have a combined strength of over 1800 skilled engineers, scientists, technicians and manufacturing associates.

Both facilities are ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 certified.

MIM Facilities

Hoskote (HSK) operations encompass 0.70 Million Sq ft of manufacturing, engineering, tooling and administration. Our Hoskote operations serve as our headquarters and are geared for low to medium volume MIM operations. It is integrated for engineering and design, mold design, tool making, debinding, sintering and certain finishing and assembly operations.

Doddaballapur (DBP) operations include 0.63 Million Sq ft of manufacturing on a fifteen acre campus. The DBP operation houses our capability for medium to high volume products. It includes tooling, debinding, batch vacuum and continuous sintering capability.

DBP also includes precision machining, heat-treating, assembly and plating operations.



INDO-MIM is capable of maintaining high quality and maximum flexibility through the ability to manufacture our own MIM feedstock. Precise and error-proofed batch preparation of powders and binders are done in a well-controlled environment. Both batch and continuous compounding equipment is used to process the mixture into a consistent, high quality feedstock.

The mixing process and material characteristics are continuously monitored.

Injection Molding

molding HSK

We use the latest and most precise closed-loop injection molding equipment on the market. Our machinery contains proprietary enhancements that we believe offer an extra level of performance and control. Automation is applied where appropriate to guarantee quality. We monitor the injection molding machine and its output continuously using SPC tools.

Debinding And Sintering

MIm materials sintering department

INDO-MIM employs a proprietary solvent extraction process for removal of binder constituents before sintering. The process is environmentally sound and well monitored. Sintering takes place in either batch vacuum or high temperature continuous pusher furnaces. Our vacuum furnaces maintain precise temperature control using various process gasses that allows for the flexibility to process a wide variety of alloys. Our continuous sintering capability provides for efficient processing of high production volume MIM components.

Powder Metrology and Materials Laboratories

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Indo-MIM maintains a modern and well-equipped metrology department. Our advanced capabilities include, video measuring systems, CMM with scanning head, surface roughness and roundness testing equipment. Our metrology lab maintains and calibrates all of our in process measuring instruments and custom gages.

Our materials laboratory has the capability to fully analyze and characterize the raw powders, feedstock and finished materials. Our lab is equipped for chemical analysis using ICP-MS, ICP-OES, UV-Vis, EDXRF, SEM-EDAX and Leco carbon and oxygen. Metallurgical analysis includes micrographic analysis, hardness testing (superficial & micro), tensile testing and salt spray. Feedstock characterization is carried out using capillary rheometry, DSC and TGA techniques. Our non-destructive testing capability includes magnetic particle, dye penetrant and Microfocus X-Ray techniques.

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We are a multi-disciplinary MIM manufacturer committed to focussed and efficient MIM parts discovery