The Future Of Manufacturing Technology With Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

In today’s market of competitive global landscape, there are multiple priorities that are surrounding the manufacturing companies like sustainability, environment friendliness, waste reduction, etc. Manufacturing technologies are going through a paradigm shift and evolving through various interventions of the likes of automation, robotics, and IoT. The demands of the end customers on price have always been on the top consideration, and hence every advancement being done in the field of engineering has to ascertain the price of the product is kept at bay.

In such conditions, one technology that has made its mark, is Metal Injection Molding (MIM). By way of demonstrating its capability to form complex shapes with ease, and facilitate mass production, Metal Injection Molding technology has been able to provide a wonderful solution equally to a designers’ dreams as well as a technocrat’s challenges. It has enabled to dramatically reduce the number of steps in the manufacturing of a typical component, and helped reduce waste, without adversely affecting the environment. In this way, it is meeting all the requirements of today’s industry, also ensuring that it meets the cost targets. In a way, this innovative technology has redefined the part design principles, and simplified the process of manufacturing and getting the finished component for a given industry, be it an automotive or aerospace industry, a smartphone or a sewing machine manufacturing, a medical device or a white goods industry. This is one of the reason, that it has diverse applications and benefits.

INDO-MIM, based at Bangalore, India, is the world leader in the field of Metal Injection Molding. It has been making continual efforts to help the product designers and engineers at various manufacturing companies around the globe, to benefit from this technology. With its manufacturing plants at Bangalore and Texas, it caters to global customers spread across 52 countries in diverse segments. The tool design and manufacturing for the MIM process, is done inhouse at INDO-MIM at its state-of-the art Tool Room with capacity to make more than 60 tools a month. The entire product development process at INDO-MIM is engineered very systematically into a structured process in line with the automotive guidelines, aimed at defect-free development which transitions into a stable mass production. Annual volumes ranging from as low as ten thousand a year to as high as fifty million a year are successfully met. The main advantage of ramp-up in a short-time is well demonstrated for multiple customers, in cases of new product launch. This often helps the customers to succeed in enhancing their market share or accomplish a greater market envelope. The choice of 85 different materials to choose from, is given by INDO-MIM to the metallurgists or designers at customer end, that helps them to cater to the function of their product successfully. There are instances where an appropriate solution has been provided to the condition of high temperature requirement, higher corrosion protection, increased strength requirements, higher reliability, and so on.

With an ability to partner with its customers, INDO-MIM offers to conduct seminars and technical workshops at its customers’ location at a mutually convenient time schedule, so as to help disseminate information regarding design guidelines of MIM technology and share case studies of components where MIM technology was successfully adapted. Such workshops often conclude in facilitating collaborative evolution of new product designs and benefit the customers at large. Many customer representatives have visited INDO-MIM’s manufacturing plant after such sessions, to finally undertake the development of specific components and subsequent ramp-up to mass production. With its manufacturing plants certified for ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and GC-MARK, INDO-MIM has a home-grown Industry 4.0 (IoT) set-up that amalgamates well with the Lean Six Sigma approach being followed at its shop floor.

Having won the maximum number of awards at the annual MPIF Design Excellence Forum, INDO-MIM offers a fully-finished product to render to a leaner supply chain requirement. In addition to MIM, there are additional capabilities of Investment Casting, Aerospace Precision Machining, and Metal Binder Jet 3D Printing being offered by INDO-MIM.