AmCon Michigan 2021

AmCon is series of show promoting advanced Design & Manufacturing within USA. AmCon @Detroit held between 9th and 10th November is focused on large automotive manufacturing base in Michigan. Exhibit also invites delegates from various manufacturing industries from mid-west region. Innovative/Advance manufacturing process is always in high demand for Automotive industry to keep cost low. MIM and Additive manufacturing (AM) being top of technology curve, its great opportunity for INDO-MIM to participate and showcase products. There are multiple conferences hosted by AmCon as well on innovations at show place and this attracts several design engineers. Indo-MIM had several visitors and curios to touch/feel 3D printed steel parts. The show was relatively slow due to COVID but still received 50+ customers interested to learn more about INDO-MIM capabilities. INDO-MIM will continue to participate on this show to connect with current and new customers.