With an intention of lending a hand for support and guidance to the HIV affected patients, Indo-MIM had associated with Asha. ASHA Foundation, which was established in 1998 by Dr. Glory Alexander and a number of like-minded people, stands for Action, Service and Hope for AIDS. It is a charitable and voluntary Trust helping HIV/AIDS infected people, their families and society. The range of services include: advocacy; capacity building; research; preventive services; awareness; treatment, care, support and rehabilitation of HIV-infected and affected persons with a special focus on women and children.

Case Study

Baby Sanya (name changed) came to ASHA Foundation with her mother when she was eight years old. Her father had died, leaving both his wife and daughter destitute. ASHA Foundation provided mother and daughter with free first-line and second-line anti-retroviral drugs conducted regular health checkups and ensured that the little girl had sufficient nutritional supplements to grow healthy and strong. Baby Sanya grew up and received support for her school and college education . Her mother is part of the self-help group at ASHA Foundation and is empowered. Today, Sanya is a sweet young woman of 23 years, confident and mature for her age, and plans to be a chartered accountant

Sanya’s life might have followed a very different trajectory had it not been for Mr. Krishna Chivukula. This generous philanthropist has made it possible for Sanya and many poor HIV positive children like her, to receive the benefits of ART drugs, education and nutrition, all free of cost. Without him, these children may well have grown up illiterate and in poor health, resulting in life on the streets instead of growing up to be happy and productive members of society. Mr Chivukula has unstintingly supported ASHA Foundation for over a decade, enabling us to empower many women and children in that time. We remain very grateful to him for his concern, sensitivity and liberal assistance. The world is a better place because of people like him. On behalf of all of us at ASHA as well as the communities that we have helped – thank you very much, Mr Chivukula.


Mr. Krishna Chivukula is the greatest philanthropist that I know. He has a generous heart .His concern and sensitivity towards marginalised communities especially children is praiseworthy . We at ASHA Foundation are eternally grateful to him for his unstinting support to our organisation and to our cause for over a decade. The world is a better place because of people like him. Thank you so much, Mr. Krishna Chivukula.

Dr. Glory, ASHA Foundation, Bangalore