D2P Santa Clara

INDO-MIM was proud to be exhibiting at the D2P-Santa Clara show on May 25th & 26th 2022. This location being at the heart of Silicon Valley attracted many fortune 500 companies in these 2 days duration.

What made the show even more interesting is when the crowd started gathering at the INDO-MIM booth and got mesmerized with our display of 1000+ MIM parts. Visitors not only witnessed MIM but also an intriguing display of Investment-Casting, Machining, Ceramic 3D printing & Metal 3D printing parts.

A lot of interest from prototyping and device manufacturing teams was shown at the booth, especially for our 3D printing capabilities. This 2-day show proved again that INDO-MIM can deliver its best and cater to the niche demands of Metal Injection Molding & 3D printing globally.