Indo-US MIM, leaders in precision-engineered products using Metal Injection Molding as the core manufacturing technology, received an award of distinction from the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) at its annual Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards held at Chicago, Illinois on June 26th 2013. In the automotive engine design category, Indo-US MIM received the award for MPIF 2013 PM Design Excellence Awards for the “Threaded Port, Metal Support Ring Sensing element, the tool holder assembly, and the gear segment”.

Threaded Port and the Metal Support Ring Sensing element application is estimated to save the customer 50% over the cost of fabrication using alternate technologies. Tool holder assembly which incorporates two MIM parts—a tool holder and a grip-spring tensioning part—goes into a woodworking tool for fine-detail carving. The MIM design contributes to a LEAN operation for the customer by substantially reducing lead time through the elimination of many processing steps. The fuel-control gear segment goes into a fuel-control device that regulates the entry of fuel into the engine. Converted from a machined part, the gear segment is fabricated via MIM from a low-alloy steel at a savings of 80% over the previous method. The fabricator delivers nearly three million pieces annually to the customer.

This is the second award after 2011 for the innovative and efficient designs developed by the designers. MPIF’s Design Excellence Awards recognize designs emphasizing the improved net shape, precision, innovative fabrication methods, production efficiency, sustainability contributions, and manufacturing cost reduction capable with powder metal technology and Indo-US MIM has been fortunate to be recognized globally through this platform.