MD&M 2022

This year’s MD&M West – 2022 show started with vibrant colors in the horizon of Anaheim city in California. April 12th, 13th & 14th could be recorded as historic days at INDO-MIM where our booth received one of the highest footfall at any trade show. Given the post-pandemic conditions, this show was a huge success because of the large turnout of show participants.

INDO-MIM booth hosted visitors from all industries like Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer etc, and we had a perfect display of sample components for each of these industries. The display of 1000+ MIM components at the booth was a good example of how far INDO-MIM came along in the MIM industry as market leader today. The great quality of each part felt by customers left them highly impressed with our capabilities.

The vibrant INDO-MIM booth stood out at the trade show because of our diversified portfolio of manufacturing capabilities. We displayed Metal Injection Molding, 3D Printing of Metals, 3D Printing of Ceramics, Machining, Ceramic Injection Molding, and Investment Casting capabilities.