With an intention of providing nutritious food to kids studying in school, so that they can be physically and mentally fit to compete in a global labour market; Indo-MIM had initiated the mid-day meals to school children. Under the “Sri Sathya Sai Subbarama Shastry Memorial Trust” (SSSSS Trust), Indo-MIM has recently celebrated 10 years of service to underprivileged members of society through the mid-day meal program which was initiated in 2004. Presently Indo-MIM has been catering to eight community schools, serving more than 1600 kids on a daily basis.

Sri Sathya Sai Subbarama Shastry Memorial Trust was established in 2004 to develop, maintain and fund educational and medical assistance programs to schools, hospitals and child welfare centers for benefit of marginalized and underprivileged sections of society. As per objectives of the Trusts, mid-day meal is provided to school children under the program ‘Lalitha Dasoha’ at the Government Primary School in Hebbal, two Government schools in Rajanakunte, two Government schools in Kakol, two primary schools at Itgalpura and Dibbur and a Government school in Karnapura Gate.

At all the centers, the food is prepared by employees of the Trust with all hygienic conditions kept in mind. Trained staff serve the meal prepared to all the kids efficiently. Dr Krishna Chivukula, Chairman, Indo-MIM Tec. Pvt. Ltd. said, “It has been my endeavor to see that we give our children good nutritious food so that they do not have to study on an empty stomach but focus on academics and sports. Considering that India will be in the forefront of providing human capital to the world in years to come, it is imperative that our children are mentally and physically able to compete in a global labor market.”

Through this activity, Indo-MIM definitely is trying to serve all the kids with love and affection and is also paving a way for a better and satisfied future ahead


Gandhiji once said “For a hungry person, food is God!”. Children should not and do not deserve to starve-they should eat well and grow healthy. The mid-day meal program started by Indo-MIM reduces the burden on the parents of feeding the children with lunch as we take up that responsibility. Children come from the weaker sections of the society and we aim to provide them with at least one good square meal a day.

M.R Suresh, Executive Trustee, Chivukula Trust