“Engine-Expo-2017” is a dedicated boutique international trade fair for powertrain design, production, components and technology innovation. Engine Expo showcases new and next-generation automotive and truck powertrain technologies from new materials, advance manufacturing process and fuel-saving concepts, coatings and lubricants. Show is held alongside of Automotive Testing & Interiors Expo. . This is first time exhibiting for Indo-MIM in North America and had a good amount of traffic and have been asked a lot of great questions about MIM technology. Met with many OEMs, a lot of technical engineers, product managers and program managers and found the show to be useful in terms of our brand promotion, market presence, meet current & prospective customers. This event not only support us to gain publicity for MIM technology in automotive but also mention about launch of Indo-MIM’s first manufacturing plant in USA @ San Antonio, TEXAS. About 35+ leads were generated covering from OEM and major automotive players and plan to continue our participation in coming years. ”