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Indo-MIM continue to exhibit to expand awareness of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology/process that benefit customers in cost saving, VAVE and to overcome with challenges that are posed in conventional manufacturing technique on small and complex shaped steel components. Beside MIM technology, presented in-house MIM powder production capabilities for various alloys and 3D metal printing service at our Texas facility for SS 316 and SS 17-4 PH material through binder-jet process with 10 days lead time. Many OEM were impressed with added 3D printing capabilities and curious to learn on surface finish, tolerance and cost drivers. Participating at this show also offers opportunity to current customer in understanding wide variety of products/case studies displayed and new capabilities like 3D printing, MIM powder production . About 40+ leads were generated covering from OEM and some of leads would like to learn more about the technology and its application through follow up visits or on-line presentation/seminars.